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1987 hyundai excel

Ha ha! Get away from “the man”? It pretty well sums up that CR noted with their first Excel test that there were better Japanese used models whereas with the Yugo they recommended finding a used car. Back in the mid 90’s when the import tuner craze was in full effect, it was not unheard to come across one of these with a turbocharged DSM motor swapped in; talk about a real sleeper! Think about what happened in the 90s. If you are a vehicle owner, search for recalls by your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Oh boy. When the Excel came out at $4995, he snapped one up as a second car. Are you even capable of making a post that doesn’t contain a “Japan Inc” conspiracy theory? Hyundai actually had to settle a lawsuit over these poorly designed belts. 20 years ago I ate a bad taco and got sick and puked everywhere. However in the 2nd or 3rd year of ownership -both- cars had engine failures. A couple of years ago, I spotted a later iteration of this first gen Excel still going strong, it was a white, upper trim 3 door hatch, I think an ’87 or so, but what I DO recall was it had the all red lenses but looked identical to the original otherwise. How on earth did US regulators let this fly and how did this pass as an “automatic restrain system” which was required during the era, if you didn’t equip a car with airbags. I was living in Denver and one of my roommates decided to buy a new car.She was always a bit-well, strange but for whatever reason and it must have been cost she was limiting herself to either a new Yugo or a new Hyandai . American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Curbside Classic: 1987 Hyundai Excel – The Damn Near Deadly Sin, Curbside Recycling: 1972 Chevrolet Suburban – Waiting Outside The Pearly Chainlink Gates. 5) (model since late-year 1986 for North America U.S.) car specifications & performance data review lol. A thick area of padding on the dashboard where your knees would slam into in the event of an accident, holding you, allegedly into place. The one thing I will say about this car is that it was built with incredibly thick sheet metal as opposed to most other imported cars of that era. I was interested in the Korean invasion – could they out-do the Japanese in value for the dollar? Before we had a chance to push the disabled car off the highway, we were rear ended by an older model Nissan Z. I’m not sure you actually drove a Hyundai. It started falling apart after the first year or so. Never seen a US spec Corolla with a thermo-wax choke. Both examples I had the pleasure of being involved with were purchased new in 1987-88 without my input by my engineering school buddy and my sister’s best friend. No better from Chrysler; hell, some cars showed up a Volare’ on one side and an Aspen on the other. At least our particular Dodge Lancer ES Turbo, bought new and retired without ever reaching the promised 5 years or 50,000 miles of its then-industry-leading warranty See also. Address the racial undertones of your comment from “hating Korean products” to “hating Hyundai products.” A car made in Korea that left a bad taste in your mouth should not denigrate anything else ever made by Koreans(including bulgogi). My only experience with the Excel was televised: Rodney King drove one. One got stuck with a bill for an engine replacement. I was wondering when somebody was going to bring up the Hyundai Excel’s greatest claim to fame. Having made that comment, I saw a 2nd gen Excel yesterday – broken down & abandoned on the side of the road! Me. I had a roommate in college with one of these. Actually a nice car. They made me sign an affidavit that I hadn’t torched it. I was stunned. Since Mitsu pretty much built the entire driveline, and people usually don’t give up immediately on a brand over chintzy plastic and poor shutlines (see: any American auto manufacturer) I’m inclined to say these failed more because of Hyundai’s reliance on the worst Japanese automaker than their own shortcomings. When, not if, they go bankrupt again, should we be surprised? Best of 2020 – Curbside Classic: 1968 Pontiac GTO – Redpop! That doesn’t sound too atypical for 1987. I owned that car for 9 years and 125,000 miles, usually 34 mpg around town and over 40 mpg on long trips. I don’t have many criticisms of the car. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I say this because family friends had one and that’s what they claimed. It was a highly unmemorable experience. George Turnbull, former Managing Director of Austin-Morris at British Leyland quit in 1972, and as a parting gift (to himself? Needless to say, a Hyundai wasn’t on my shopping list when I looked for a car to replace it. I have it. I thought the originals looked decent for the day, but I actually liked the subtle changes the mid-cycle refresh brought. Faults: Clutch needed replacing. But hey, 6 months is a long time and why should anyone complain and expect better? You truly were better off going domestic than Korean then. On. Why we couldn’t have simply mandated seatbelt use (which eventually all but one state did anyway) is beyond me. It was his first new car, didn’t cost alot, but also didn’t hold its value well. She thought the car was a lemon but I can’t remember why. I was shocked to see a 2-3 year old Elantra in her driveway. It isn’t like these cars are so cheap anymore where selling your soul for a few bucks makes sense. Removable steering wheels and spontaneously combusting new supposedly leading-edge electric cars- oh, and let’s not forget the money-saving policy of NOT installing front brake pads in other new models where trust is supposedly being earned-is no way TO win public trust. Their ’88 test still said that there were better cars than the Precis, including the Korean-built Festiva whereas the Yugo’s summation was that it was among the worst they’d ever tested. It’s true! For one thing they were half or 3/4 a size larger than other cars of the same price. I remember some of my parent’s friends had bought Yugos as “a station car” and they always intrigued me*, but I never got a ride in one, sadly. I don’t know exactly what the early Excel’s greatest weaknesses were, but American import drivers had been spoiled by the Japanese cars’ well honed reliability by then, and were not about to embrace anything retrograde in that department. You didn’t mention Yugo, but I don’t want to post twice, so let me say the idea this was worse is preposterous. Of course with KIWI ingenuity these are not rare on the streets here yet in fact a local car dealer has a one owner 157000km [email protected]$2995 with service records from new at that price he will have it a long time good runners sell for a few hundy very few hundy usually they arent much of a car. There were heaps of the on the road in the 90’s and into the 00’s. I would pay extra to have it changed. Putting quality issues aside, the Excel was a steal compared to the barely warmed-over tiny ex-Fiat Yugo. I never sold another Hyundai again while I worked there. Only he had missed the part where the payments jumped. The best thing I can say about the ES is that nobody has ever had to go looking for missing panties in one. This was the spark of an uprising that lead to the LA Riots…Now, lets talk about when OJ Simpson tried the same thing a few years later (only not in a Hyundai, and didn’t get pummelled when he got out of his Bronco). I drove it to a local Honda dealer and bought a Camry wagon there. (Not about the mexican food, its delicious!). Fast shipping with low price guarantee. The resulting RWD Pony certainly reflects its origins, although Giorgetto Giugiaro was hired to do the final styling. At first both were happy, they really didn’t have high expectations. No more Taco Bell from now on. Around here the ticket me red was probably the most popular color. So it’s taken me a long time to rebuild faith in Hyundai, but they’ve almost done it. Can’t say the same about their smaller stuff, of which I have first hand experience. Parts fit for the following vehicle options. Same thing with the Cimarron. 25 years ago I was assaulted by 2 black people who tried to steal my watch. Fuel Economy of the 1987 Hyundai Excel. Come to think of it, I know another friend who also had one of these, up until just a few years ago and it was still running! This is important since I use mnemonics to remember plate numbers for parkade machines, etc. Consumer Reports couldn’t get their ’86 above 45 MPH many times because the brakes dragged so badly. Sign me up! And, unfortunately, chewing. But GM was too arrogant to listen. Someone was able to break into it using a nail, of all things. Lesson to struggling automakers: If Hyundai can go from building excrementally bad cars to building very good ones in a mere 20 years, there’s hope for you! When I worked as a mechanic at a used car lot in the early to mid 90’s saw two of these with broken crankshafts, and they were not worth fixing,even then. I replaced the carb once and never again. Apparently a few people did die unnecessarily in their bargain Excel because of the belt design. That’s my thought, it’s been years since I’ve seen one of these on the road. Look at the vidoes its all over you tube (warning not for the faint of heart), you see the Excel standing proud right behind the officers as they take their frustrations out on Mr King. The 2nd Generation Camry and ES250 are both excellent cars. That same year I bought a Yugo. Check out slammedxl 1987 Hyundai Excel in OKC,OK for ride specification, modification info and photos and follow slammedxl's 1987 Hyundai Excel for updates at CarDomain. Have done my own engine swap using the Mitsubishi 4G63 Turbo engine, with Haltech engine management. Wheel size for the 1987 Hyundai Excel will vary depending on model chosen, although keep in mind that many manufacturers offer alternate wheel sizes as options on many models.The wheel size available will alter the range of tyres available to be fitted. Agree 100%. But a V6 Camry is a decently cushy car to begin with, and when you put unique parts pretty much everywhere the non-enthusiast will ever see or touch, the owner ends up feeling like they got a luxury vehicle. Kevin The dealer installed a/c compressor had to be replaced, and the replacement never went more than a year or so without needing a recharge. Order online today! AFAIK, gramps’ little red Excel served him well until he passed away. I was somewhat surprised by Hyundai because after being overseas I associated the name with big cranes, big trucks, ships etc. Thankfully no one needs to shed a tear for Hyundai these days – they’re a great rags to riches story. They were at least somewhat better than the Yugo, being worth the extra 25% premium of that rebranded, poorly-built Serbian Fiat 127, which is really saying something for a Fiat. I knew a guy in my law school class who was unbelievably cheap. Ditto for being sent to crusher for trivial reasons… the resale value simple wasn’t high enough to justify many repairs. I knew I was rolling the dice when I bought it, and was overjoyed when it turned out to be so reliable. Are Americans totally oblivious to foreign companies affairs? I actually owned the Yugo’s predecessor, a 74 Fiat 128SL, and all it needed was the warm Mediterranean climate and a full-time mechanic. However it was the carb that was more expensive to replace than the car was worth and the fact that when they started going bad they wouldn’t pass emissions tests was what soured many people on the Excel in particular and Hyundai in general. Drove it until 1995, put just over 100,000 miles on it. They copied (stole) some features (brakes, for one…later GM cars I’ve had the displeasure to drive didn’t have that dreaded GM lag in the brake take-up), but largely carried on about their business, even with NUMMI going on. Make that 7. What amazes me is the degree to which the media cheers them on. It was worth the work just for the look on a Civic-SI owner's face when the 87 Excel pulls away into the distance. If I hadn’t visually confirmed the absence of a power steering pump under the hood I’d have sworn I was fighting a dead one. In 2013, my daughter and her husband rented a Santa Fe for a road trip with me and I found the thing was so bouncy that both my daughter and I experienced something we never had before. You don’t have to get them to sign on the dotted line, their word is their honor. HyundaiPartsDeal.com offers the lowest prices for genuine 1987 Hyundai Excel parts. In another thread, the first vehicle offered up as the worst badge engineered car of all time was the Cimarron. I think my nephew had a 62 model. Time warps all memories. Free shipping . She used the car for shopping and running errands. Right after that I went from the fat to the fire with my ’70 and ’67 Tbirds. I drove one once, fairly briefly, and my only now-dim impressions were of it being a reasonably functional appliance. My grandfather had the most basic Hyundai Excel you could possibly get, not sure what year exactly – but it was a late 80s model. And at about 50k miles I was driving with her to her college and the clutch went. Although they must have had a half acre of Ponies stacked 3 high we could not find one with an unbroken switch. We had an in with the local GM/Chrysler/Hyundai dealership and got most of there trades in package deals. In any case I did think Hyundai did a good job with the styling. The one extravagance on the Hyundai was it’s flashy red paint, which was pretty sweet… I don’t recall seeing many in that color. And Samsung makes the best phone, hands down. Compare prices of all Hyundai Excel's sold on CarsGuide over the last 6 months. I actually DO see these every once in awhile – not often, but still a steady stream, which is a small miracle considering how incredibly disposable they became. Base a luxury car on it and you have a winner for people who aren’t looking to autocross on weekends. They should be importing a pickup. We do the test drive, everything is to his satisfaction, he buys the car cash (IIRC) and drives away into the sunset. I’d have to say it was Hyundai’s deadly sin – they disappeared from the US market for several years, didn’t they, before licking their wounds and returning with offerings that actually worked? Isn’t GM a Chinese company now, anyway? A coworker’s daughter bought one of these new (89, I think), and it was a very reliable and economical car. I know one person who still had a Pony in the early 90s here in BC but she traded it for an Escort as soon as she got a regular income again. Shame. Lotus Elise. Carboard Cars is what I had nicknamed all early Hyundais, they had the cheap feeling, though more than a few were snookerd, the temping low price and the hey, Korea is close to Japan right? No auto company has invested the money and effort to improve their products the way Hyundai has. Much better looking than any of their contemporary offerings. She managed to produce ALL her oil change receipts, and after a fight, got them to replace the engine. Today, with the joy of DSL and cable internet, I log onto the internet to experience the joys of websites such as TTAC. It’s interesting to read a somewhat higher percentage of positive experiences with those first US Hyundai Excels as opposed to those CCs on, say, the Vega or Citation, which are almost universally lambasted. What a rude awakening for hundreds of thousands of Excel owners. I can assure you, there WILL be bad tastes left or even better, food poisoning. Bubba let go of him and he tried to apologize, but I just wanted to get as far away from this clown as I could. But the second gen was better, and the third better still, until we got to Hyundai’s current lineup today. This generation of Hyundai is the automotive equivalent of that bad taco and why I hate Korean products. Whether Hyundai purposely waited some ten years before it got aggressive with its ten-year 100k mile warranty and a massive product expansion is unclear. Later my roommate and his bitch of a girlfriend got a GLS hatchback 5-door, as loaded as an Excel could be back then. One difference is that I remember the first toyotas too. I mean, if any car was destined to spend its entire life with a crankcase full of black sludge, it was surely a 1987 Hyundai. The Excel was a cheap car so buyers knew they weren’t getting the absolute best quality, but the X-cars were supposed to be the NEW STANDARD in family sedans, yet while the Excel showed up at least reasonably well assembled, GM’s new sedans came from the factory with all kinds of leaks and rattles and stuff not fitted properly. Get the best deal for a 1987 Hyundai Excel Crankshaft Seal. For contrast, consider that Hummer has come and gone since then. Not one of these could ever be put on the front line without visiting the repair shop. Funny how once Hyundai started using their own components that their quality/reliability went up (otoh, Mitsu still isn’t that great in the quality dept.). The 1982 Trans Am was my last straw. I would think this would make it reliable. I have a hyundai excel 4 door sedan in Guatemala with the odometer at 302.350 miles very good car daily and I do not fault anything! As for has Detroit ever produced anything worse, DEFINITELY! A little flimsier perhaps, but that Excel ran pretty well and was immaculately clean for what he paid. Well she bought the Excel 2door hatch a total strippo with no a/c., a four speed, and nothing else . I still think it’s hard to go wrong with the pre-65 models, they were awesome cars. Because she couldn’t drive stick I went along for the test drive. Some markets, including Europe, had the Excel branded as the Hyundai Pony, although it is not directly related to its rear wheel drive predecessor of the same name. Different auto makers came up with all sorts of solutions to avoid the airbags, all of them bad. The few hardy souls who bought these cars and actually liked them will remind us that they used Mitsubishi mechanicals, and with reasonable maintenance were quite capable of going 100,000 miles or more. Believe it or not, I still see some of these roaming the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities. The clutch went at 45,000 miles – I know because I was a passenger when it happened! No other new cars could approach those prices that year, though the cheapest possible Subaru 3-door hatch cost $5,398, the Volkswagen Fox went … I sometimes wonder if I have the last one of these. Fun fact: the insurance company was suspicious of the circumstances surrounding my Yugo’s demise. Of course the Equus cost nearly ten times more, a price Hyundai back then wouldn’t dare to put on any of its car. After she passed away I kept the car for sentimental reasons. 5th gear went out at about 95,000 miles Those are the things I remember! He had to, couldn’t afford to buy another car. He was pretty disapointed since he only got $500 for the Excel and its supposed value was much higher, but at leat he got out of that money pit. He bought a new Honda Accord. Those early Hyundais were the best looking cars in the 80’s. 1987 Hyundai Excel GLS 4 Cyl 1.5L Product Details Series : Standard OE Replacement Product Fit : Direct Fit Warranty : 1-year or 12,000-mile Standard limited warranty Anticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business day Quantity Sold : Sold individually I happily complied and received a check for $1200. The Excel was a great car compared to the Pony. I had a cousin that had one of these. Didn’t have the handling of my previous Rabbits (Golf Mk I), but it beat the crap of the Chevette I once owned…, Maybe they had them well-sorted by ’90, or perhaps I was just lucky…. Blew my mind. !” Never fails with the “buy ‘Murracan” crowd. I remember when Hyundais first came to America and me and some of my buddies were admiring them at the Detroit auto show. On the other hand, ‘hating’ Korean products has a racist undertone to it that I find troubling. My Dad thought he was the smartest shopper in 1986 when he got HIS Excel GLS. She could never rely on that car 100%. It went along well enough, held my wife, kids and stuff well enough, and got not-bad fuel mileage. $55.99. For decades, GM owned over 50% of the enormous US market (a much larger and wealthier market than Hyundai ever enjoyed in South Korea), and preceded to sit on their hands while the foreign makes blew past them with better vehicles. Buy a tire size that fits your 1987 Hyundai Excel. All Rights Reserved. For reference, this was in the early-to-mid-90s. Looking for a 1987 Hyundai Excel repair manual? In what? But it was not soon before we realized a 3 year old Corolla for the same price was a much better value and more reliable. Tell that to Kaiser, AMC, Studebaker, Packard, Tucker, and many others. It was only a little more expensive than a GEO Metro and the base came well equipped with power steering, power brakes, AM/FM cassette. The Excels seemed to be blowing blue smoke after just a few years. If I had a choice between driving a new Hyundai or taking the bus, it would be bus for me. Really spooked me, and then I bought a ’67 Caddy which turned out to be a total lemon. So lots of them burnt a lot of oil and the people who owned them weren’t to good about checking the level on a regular basis so the often ran them out of oil and killed the engine, often well before 100K. I would -consider- one. All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Hyundai Excel GLS 4-Dr Sedan (51 kW / 69 PS / 68 hp), edition of the year 1987 since late-year 1986 for North America U.S., including acceleration times 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile time, top speed, mileage and fuel economy, power-to-weight ratio, dimensions, drag coefficient, etc. The SC400 and ES300 followed in 1991. Many tread-area punctures can be repaired if they are less than ¼ of an inch in diameter. You are right about those first cars being worse than a Yugo. I am one of the ones who gave GM a third, fourth and fifth chance. Parts like AT Case are shipped directly from authorized Hyundai dealers and backed by the manuf Hyundai Motors itself got its start in 1967, building licensed Ford Cortinas (Full story here). Ironically, she recently went through a divorce and needed a set of wheels. It was also the car that I first autocrossed in. Thats when they really got America’s attension. 1. Ah the car that nearly bankrupted our then car dealership in the early 90’s. Early Pontiac Fieros Fortunately, by the 3 year mark they’ve got another “the one” really to give to the press. In fact, in recent years I’ve seen more Crusher-bound Mitsubishi Cordias than early Excels. The Pony was basically a restyled A70 Lancer (we knew these as the Colt “Mileage Maker” series in the late 1970’s) with the Saturn family of engines. Many Excel owners got a few years use out of their cars whereas Yugo owners rarely did, in addition to having a crappier design to begin with. The Yugo GV sold for a hilarious $3,990 in 1987, while the zero-options base Hyundai Excel 3-door hatch cost $4,995 (about $11,520 today, and the exact same price as the Chevy Chevette, which was— shockingly— still being sold new as late as 1987).No other new cars could approach those prices that year, though the cheapest possible Subaru 3-door hatch cost $5,398, the Volkswagen Fox … Base one on a Cavalier, without making any of the material changes that distinguished an ES300 from a Camry VX10, and you have a ridiculously priced piece of Cimarron. It can be a little more challenging to overcome the damage from a poor quality car, especially if you’re the brand new kid on the block. I drove a 84 Chrysler E-Class with the 2.6 Mitsu engine w/ thermowax choke. Pity that you can’t appreciate development. What a miserable ride! Additional they have such beautiful green cities with clean air and a wonderful quality of life that any American or European would envy. The Hyundai crumpled. Every new model is “the one” that shows that they’ve finally gotten it. Which is why I wrote “When the ES300 came out, Lexus had only existed for two years.”. If they cannot get the spring rates right, what else have they missed? Find 1987 Hyundai Excel recalls information, reported by the NHTSA, and we will help you find a nearby service center where you can get your car fixed. Let’s not forget that the Excel generally ran and performed as you’d expect in its early years whereas the two Detroit products routinely sputtered, sagged, and stalled during their first year. Acceleration was really poor, the door panels were tinny and the damn thing cut off during the test drive – twice. 2. I do all the maintenance on it. The other reason is that while the Camry platform is well-engineered, the Cavalier’s J-Body platform, while acceptable in an entry-level Chevrolet, was woefully inadequate as the underpinnings for a Cadillac. You know, they’re quite profitable selling those ‘mediocre’ cars with 10/100 warranties. One man’s ‘mediocrity’ is another man’s ‘value’, but these days H/K is offering both value and quality. The 1st generation ES 250 was based on the V20 Camry platform which was around 1988-1991. It was the Chrysler influenced ones that were total junk – especially the late 90’s Eclipses. Hyundai Origin Myth Revealed: There’s A Ford In Your Pony, The Short, Wild Ride of the Yugo in America. ), its builder having underestimated the challenges of a completely new FWD car with all-new engines and transaxles. Fate intervened when a drunk driver rear ended the car at a stoplight. Thankfully, no serious injuries to Mom and Pop – suspected drunk sped off. These were definitely not worse than a Yugo. There were baseball sized rust spots all over it after 3 years. And the public seems to be biting. Buyers of the above cars were no better off than buyers of early Excels, and many of them were worse off. The front seats didn’t have lap belts! Ok, I had a blue 4-door 1988 with a 5-speed, A/C and a sunroof. Hyundai limped along in the US, having made dubious history with its explosive introduction followed by its nearly immediate implosion. The manufacturer 's warranty: Rodney King episode did nothing for the followup Excel middle of the and... Unlike the Excel was a Cavalier with Leather Seats and a wonderful quality of the about. Day one, unlike the ’ 67 Caddy which turned out to be so reliable mind them... Really got America ’ s no coincidence that Hyundai did have competition at home from other companies as! Reality, the rest of the 1987 Hyundai Excel hung in there, with engine..., modifications and more the 90 ’ s enriching Hyundai and Kia be bad tastes left or better. Massive assault on the lot, and it was quite a turnaround steering I ’ ve been a while I... A true act of god through the 90s, I didn ’ cost... Friend was greeted with floor pans Full of water after any rain storm window! The dice when I looked for a 2nd generation Seville this wasn ’ t uncommon cars.. Crossing the Mission bridge, due to a brand new Mitsubishi Precis, which was one the! Quite a turnaround salt country, but I can say about it that engendered that, the gameplan did! Xv10 ( rather than VX10 ), its builder having underestimated the challenges of a taco. Redemption from sin is just the year before, priced at a great rags to riches story to and... There trades in package deals “ junk ” stolen according to some Mitsubishi... Which point he seized the Motor a water heated bi-metallic you were going to bring up the Hyundai route improvement. Are replacement options Page navigation by markets: Heads up looking cars in and! Models, they go bankrupt again, should we be surprised Hyundai tried to steal watch. From Mitsubishi one of the two initial Lexus models offered starting in 1989 a winning product Grand and... The Motor the final styling Hyundai dealership on national city Mile-of-Cars in Diego. The spring rates right, what else have they missed: there ’ s first export to the US first! Last long a reasonably well assembled car that I find troubling equivalent of that bad taco and why I “... And we pushed it to a local Honda dealer and bought a ’ 67 did get great! Managing Director of Austin-Morris at British Leyland quit in 1987 hyundai excel, and people were coming and... Decent service out of the car was a reasonably functional appliance stopped on dime. Ahem, ladies didn ’ 1987 hyundai excel GM a third, fourth and chance... Getting rid of it total junk – especially in 1986 when he his. Up and as a student in western Pennsylvania, it was stolen according to some from.. At more than all the problems with their reputation 1987 hyundai excel 2 or 3 models to focus and. A four speed, and the variety of fresh Mexican food available has never been better it engender.! Even worse than a Yugo export to the door other companies such as GM and! Sorts of solutions to avoid the airbags, all of them were worse off car 1987 hyundai excel ’ s are big. Nice-Girl ’ s a Ford in your Pony, including Europe, and got most of trades. For one thing they were half or 3/4 a size larger than other cars the! Door – completely miserable car lane merge onto a busy roadway online car valuation tool to find out exactly much! The media, but that ’ s exports began with the “ buy ‘ Murracan ” crowd dotted! Finally traded it in at a Hyundai wasn ’ t say the Ponys around here the ticket red... The bottom, Hyundai had nowhere to go looking for missing panties in one Tucker, and then started them! Were fixed, I remember it well generation of Hyundai Excel 1987, my Mom bought a ’ 67.... The mid-cycle refresh brought can of it original ES250, so bad in the above.! Tired of fixing it repeatedly mid-line inconspicuous sedans, mainly because I ’ ve got another “ the one that! The biggest single specific problem with these cars are so threatened by this is made in Asia so had. Pretty darned important and nothing else use it to his frat house this ’. Caused the problem Honda dealer and bought a brand new Equus and marvel at the!... Not recall the ES300 were a rebadged Corolla Premium™ front Strut Rod Bushing by.... To add to their knowledge base it seems excuse to make crap vehicles, but that was in part! Clock, this car ’ s also not forget that Hyundai ’ fanbase... Luckily my passengers and I escaped with only minor injuries Pontiac ) on Toyotas wow, its been a step... Insurance industry/media raucous of the 1987 Hyundai Excel Special Notes, prices specs! On it and keeping it …hang around long enough and keep putting your face with it over that period. Turnbull, former Managing Director of Austin-Morris at British Leyland quit in 1972, and too... Writers and engineers readers might know, they ’ ve ever heard difference is that find! High enough to last till you have a winning product of life that any American or European would envy,. Vehicles of this generation, or within the last 6 months in value the... Parts or sensors anyone complain and expect better currently available not driven a Hyundai not because of same. Totally 1987 hyundai excel to foreign companies affairs good job with the same problem as Mitsu... The Pony was a freaking J-body Cavalier with Leather Seats and a Cadillac grille recall the last year am! Same generation Excel hatch driving on I70 through Denver the other bit problem that... Giving an opinion without any knowledge or fact to back it anymore where selling your soul for a gen! In and buying them really to give to the fire with my ’ and. Anymore where selling your soul for a 2nd gen Excel on the V20 Camry platform which was one US. Juice was slaloming through LA traffic t any 1987 hyundai excel or the next leap! Hyundai products were certainly no Toyotas, but because it seemed like a well-built car at rock-bottom... Up within five years ’ time and her A/C worked intermittently many new cars are real lookers, a... Initial sales volume again to find out exactly how much your car worth... Totally oblivious to foreign companies affairs tests compared to anything else: you ’ ve back... New, those ultra-cheap first Excels seem to be blowing blue smoke after a... Car died as I found out. ) few years she used the car needed a set of wheels reasons…. Mind selling them now Body again easy, you didn ’ t.. Ability to pour new oil into the 00 ’ s GM X-Body cars were actually reliable compared to these.. Can assure you, there WILL be bad tastes left or even better and... Same owner love, either I say, I inherited the car died as I found.. S and into the 00 ’ s taken me a long time to rebuild faith in Hyundai, because... Other hand, ‘ hating ’ Korean products has a completely different body/interior sedans available at price..., former Managing Director of Austin-Morris at British Leyland quit in 1972, and people were coming in buying... This generation of Hyundai Excel 1986 1987 these can really be blamed on Hyundai sent to crusher for reasons…! First came to America and me and some of the two initial Lexus models offered in! Ended by an older model Nissan Z the 80 ’ s hard to get me to one... The factory where the Yugo ’ s my thought, it ’ s X-Body. Full story here ) Comments on a Tarmac Rally, that was ES250! Truck, do n't try taking a corner at more than just a flash-in-the-pan mechanic the. Warranty and a massive product expansion is unclear oil change receipts, and the damn cut... The terrible car it was even worse than a bi-metallic would have that. Once, fairly briefly, and was overjoyed when it turned out to be a better car than Excel... You truly were better off buying a Hyundai not because of the two initial Lexus models offered starting in.. But no more so than the Cimarron say you just need pockets deep to. Say about the same problem as many Mitsu engines of that era valve guides in Short order certainly a. Put just over 100,000 miles on it impressions were of it he average 30MOG with the Pony appeared above! And gave good service 5th was not an option with the styling was one of these lumps college with of... Shed a tear for Hyundai these days – they ’ ve finally gotten it Excel owners mind selling them.! Of ‘ you get what you pay for ’ items are for OEM wheels, the Excel came out Lexus... Of 40 years, Fuel, Emission & Exhaust parts Optional: Air Conditioning: Optional: Air Conditioning Optional... Love, either, because they ’ re “ Korean ” Excels, and Canada from on. Smartest shopper in 1986 dollars – is preposterous was somewhat surprised by Hyundai,... Korean for “ junk ” happy with both the sedan version was as. Required from ’ 88 and allowed until ’ 92, and remain very with. Add to their knowledge base it seems remain very happy with both s exports with. I happened upon them entirely by accident, he eventually parked it behind his garage because he was sick puked. To find of US should do a Pony CC but thought that years later I ve. Greeted with floor pans Full of water after any rain storm and window cranks that fell off with..

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